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A Leader in Building Envelope Consulting.

SRI is a leading engineering firm in the commercial building envelope and waterproofing industries.

Our story started in 1978. Structural Research Incorporated (SRI) was started by a group of graduate students from the University of Wisconsin. Our work in the early years was focused on structural design and structural research. But several externally funded research projects into roofing materials started a new path.

In the early 1980s, SRI’s work slowly shifted towards roofing and waterproofing; while still doing structural work. Soon SRI began designing, forensically analyzing, and testing low slope roofing. By the end of the decade, Dr. Rene Dupuis had become the president of the firm and was leading SRI on a course to be one of the most respected roofing and waterproofing consulting firms in the country.

Through the 1990s SRI continued to grow and refine our practice. In 1996 Mr. Todd Culliton, RRC, joined SRI. By the end of the 90s, SRI had become a provider of facility management and roof design for some of the largest corporations in the country.

At the turn of the century, a second generation of engineers joined SRI. Dr. Mathew Dupuis, son of Dr. Rene Dupuis, officially joined SRI. In 2019 Dr. Mathew Dupuis took over as president of SRI. Now working towards 50 years of successful research, designs, engineering, and investigations, SRI looks to continue to provide our clients with the extensive knowledge and professional service that our reputation is built on.

A Philosophy Committed to Value and Cost-Effective Solutions.

SRI is not affiliated with any manufacturers, suppliers, or contractors. We offer practical advice that’s objective, unbiased, and independent. We listen to our clients’ needs and provide a solution that fits those needs best.

SRI is one of the oldest and most experienced building envelope consulting firms in the country. We have never turned down a project as too difficult. We have never been unable to provide a solution for a client’s needs. We are the consummate professionals in our trade. And we will always provide our services in a manner that reflects this reputation.

Key Staff

Mathew Dupuis, Ph.D. P.E.

Dr. Mathew Dupuis is a licensed Professional Engineer in multiple states with more than 25 years of experience. He received his B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin College of Engineering. His area of studies lies within moisture movement, temperature modeling, surface solar reflectivity, research, and envelope failure analysis. He has worked on building envelopes in the United States and internationally. He has authored or contributed to numerous publications and research papers. He has presented or taught on these topics at various roofing symposia, The University of Wisconsin, International Roofing Expo, MRCA, SPRI, and RCI(IIBEC). Dr. Dupuis is currently the President of SRI.

Todd Culliton, RRC

Mr. Culliton is a Principal and Vice President of SRI Consultants Inc. in Middleton Wisconsin. He has worked in the construction industry since 1979 and has consulted in building envelope construction since 1988 after completing the B.S. Degree in Construction Administration at UW-Madison. His experience includes design, survey and evaluation, failure analysis, and field service observation of all types of roof, wall, and sub grade waterproofing systems locally and nationally. He has conducted laboratory studies on roofing and masonry materials. He has testified as an expert on roof system and exterior wall failures. His work includes large industrial campus complexes as well as historic structures.

In Memorium (2020)
Rene Dupuis, Ph.D P.E.

At the heart of SRI was one of its founders, Rene Dupuis. Dr. Dupuis had been active in the commercial roofing industry since the 1970s. He had published over 100 articles and papers on engineering issues, taught at the University of Wisconsin—Madison, sat on several key industry technical committees, and received many distinguished awards. His keen observation, engineering skill, and unwavering professionalism have driven the philosophy and success of SRI. Rene Dupuis passed in 2020. He will always be remembered and is dearly missed.

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