sri construction administration

Construction Administration and Third Party Inspections

sri construction administration and third party inspections

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Once the design is complete, SRI can provide everything you need for professional construction administration.

What is construction administration? Unlike Construction Management, where the schedule and material handling is involved, construction administration involves setting up the bidding process, selecting the best qualified roofing contractor, facilitating change orders, reviewing pay requests and overseeing the project until its completion.

SRI can also act as the owner’s representative seeing that job specifications, budgets, and deadlines are met. Our unique knowledge of roof and exterior wall construction processes makes SRI the ideal.

In addition to construction administration, SRI is routinely engaged as a third party inspector on construction sites. These inspections can be periodic (random) or at milestones during construction (specific). Our inspections are conducted within the safety protocols established for the job site. Our inspections and reporting are handled in a professional and politically sensitive manner as not to cause strife on a job site when and if inspections uncover issues.

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